Exquisite Janitorial provides you the best service for all of your upholstery cleaning in the New Orleans area. You need upholstery cleaning from a professional company. Over time your upholstery becomes dirty. The fabric becomes filled with dirt and grime and it may become heavily soiled.

We have the perfect solution for this problem. We clean chairs, sofas, couches, love seats and much more.

Why upholstery cleaning services?

Dust, dead skin cells, oils and other contaminants are always around and gradually collect on your upholstery. Everything that collects on your furniture should only be removed by a professional cleaning company. We bring you a highly trained professional cleaning staff that will have your upholstery clean and ready to use in just hours.

Upholstery Benefits of Exquisite Janitorial

We can perform all types of upholstery cleaning service including the most delicate fiber and fabrics.

We use the safest products for all of our cleaning projects. Our Cleaning products are safe for your children, and pets. The fabrics we clean, dry in just one to three hours. You will have a clean room with a high-quality service that you deserve. You will receive the specialized care from our highly trained upholstery cleaning professionals.

Our process

Your home or office will be fully protected during the cleaning process.

There will be no damage to your home, office or furniture with overspray while cleaning.

We determine the proper procedure for cleaning your upholstery.

To avoid bleeding or cracking of dye we test all the fabric that we clean.

Effective Cleaning

We thoroughly remove all foreign objects and oils from your material.

Here at Exquisite Janitorial we removal those stubborn spots without damaging your fine upholstery.

We pre-treat your fabrics to get a much cleaner extraction and allow the cleaning agent more time to work.

We do not leave residue on your furniture.

All detergents are thoroughly extracted from the fabric.

Our cleaning process helps to restore the fibers ability to resist the spots and stains.

We properly clean delicate fibers that are particularly prone to premature soiling and permanent staining.When your furniture is cleaned this will increase the life of your upholstery.


Our process of speed drying will help to protect fabrics from water marks and stains.

Within a short few hours your cleaned furniture will be dry and ready for use again.


After cleaning and drying we remove wand marks from the cleaning process.

We take pride in providing the proper technique for a great appearance.

We always use the cleaning method recommended by the manufacturer which will restore your furniture.

Peace of Mind

For your protection, we are fully insured.

Exquisite Janitorial Upholstery Cleaning Services of New Orleans will help you keep all of your upholstery clean and well maintained